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Hybrid Cloud

Do you want to modernize your IT infrastructure and expand it into the cloud? With a hybrid cloud solution you benefit from both the power of dedicated hardware and the high scalability of virtual machines.

Customized and scalable

Increasing demand on your resources results in the need for more servers, but when you expand your infrastructure you want it to integrate seamlessly into your existing environment.

To meet modern enterprise requirements you want a scalable infrastructure that gives you additional memory and computing power at short notice, as well as powerful, dedicated hardware for your sensitive data.

  • Integration

    A hybrid cloud solution must be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

  • Security

    Comprehensive and robust protection of sensitive data is required.

  • Scalability

    Additional cloud resources must be available at any time.

Enterprise Cloud

Integrate Enterprise Cloud into your existing IT infrastructure for maximum flexibility, scalability, and power. Configure physical and virtual network devices as needed through the Enterprise API or the Data Center Designer graphical user interface.

Enterprise Cloud can reduce your IT costs by up to 20% compared to an on-premises solution. Our technical experts will recommend an infrastructure that suits your requirements and calculate your savings. Personalized support and advice is available 24/7 from experienced system administrators.


Dedicated Server

If you are working with sensitive data, dedicated servers are the best solution, offering you maximum security and availability—this is particularly important when you have to meet strict data protection and compliance requirements.

Manage your dedicated servers via our intuitive control panel, and add additional resources or expand your hardware portfolio as needed. With a dedicated server you also benefit from the latest hardware technology.


Cloud Server

Are the resource demands of your projects frequently changing? Then the highly scalable Cloud Server would be an ideal component of your hybrid cloud solution. During times of heavy traffic, additional cloud servers are ready to go in just 55 seconds, allowing you to add more CPU power, RAM and SSD storage as needed.

Cloud Servers are billed to the minute and you can start and stop your servers at any time.

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