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Features offered by Dedicated Servers

Miscellaneous & service

Pay-as-you-use with no minimum contract period

Delete your dedicated server any time you like. You are only charged (per-minute billing) for the period in which you provisioned the server. Billing is monthly, at the end of a billing period. There is no minimum contract period, so you can cancel the contract at any time.

Multiple servers

Additional dedicated servers and virtual cloud servers are possible on one contract and a single network.

Server can be set up in 8 minutes

The dedicated server is provisioned and ready to go in just a few minutes, depending on your selected configuration.

Data center location

You can pick the location of the data center for your project server at no extra charge.


Load balancing

Spread your data/request rates over several servers to ensure consistently fast access times for visitors to your website.

Shared memory

Set up shared memory to let your servers swap information via NFS or CIFS protocols—just $7.20/month for 100 GB (per-minute billing).


KVM console

Use the VNC console to access your server as if it were right on your desk.

Reset or reinitialization

You can reset or reinitialize your server at any time.

Recovery tool

Special emergency system to access your server—for troubleshooting and bug fixing.

Interactive invoicing

Full billing transparency: access and forecast your costs as an aggregate or per-minute amount, based on your use.


Unlimited traffic, without any automatic throttling.

Server bandwidth

External connection of the server with 1 Gbit/s.


Visit our Community to share your thoughts with server enthusiasts and experts, to build networks, discuss topics and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

24/7 support

24/7 support by server experts.

Free email support

Free email support from our qualified team of experts.


The feedback tool in the Cloud Panel lets you give us your feedback and ideas for new features.


Operating systems and administration

Database & programming



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