WordPress Scope of Support

Our goal is to ensure the reliable operation of your website(s). For all WordPress products, we support the user interface of the builder.

Please contact support to request assistance. You can reach us at 1-484-254-5555. The representative will determine the feasibility and provide a cost estimate for services outside the scope of support (if applicable).

WordPress services

Ordering WordPress Hosting  
Explanation of our WordPress hosting features and benefits  
Guidance for setting up your domain with WordPress Hosting  
How to use our Control Panel in conjunction with WordPress Hosting  
Guidance for basic settings for your sFTP client  
Explanation on how to upload files to your WordPress hosting  
Assistance with core navigation of WordPress Hosting  
Installation of the latest, tested version of WordPress hosting on our platform  
Automatic update to the latest, most secure version of WordPress Hosting (Managed WordPress version only)  
Introduction of CMS offered in our ClickandBuild tool and an explanation of which CMS is best suited for the website creation  
Manual migration of your website to WordPress Hosting  
Customize the WordPress theme  
Designing your website  
Any client, script, application, or content installed by the client  
Detailed checking of plugin/theme problems on our platform  

premium service

WordPress Repair Service:

  • Fixing Theme Errors
  • Import a working backup (if available) / deactivate a faulty theme or plugins
  • Move internally. Importing and Exporting Data
  • Fix .htaccess error and/or customize .htaccess
  • Fix php.ini errors and/or customize php.ini
  • Create WordPress webspace and/or database backups
  • Forward WordPress to SSL encryption (https://)
  • Fixing Mixed Content
  • Site and Home URL customizations

To book this service, please contact our support team at 1-484-254-5555.