Switching your Symantec SSL Certificate to a DigiCert SSL Certificate will bypass alerts for visitors to your Web site. Here we explain the background and what you can do.

Since April 16, 2018, Google Chrome 66 and later users receive a security warning when they visit a Symantec SSL-encrypted Web site. This applies to all Symantec SSL Certificates issued before June 1, 2016. The security warning alerts the user that data exchange may be unsafe. From October 2018, Chrome users version 70 and above will receive this message on all Web sites secured by Symantec SSL Certificates.

However, the functionality of the website is not restricted by this - as soon as the website visitor confirms the warning, he can continue to operate with the website as usual.

We recommend IONOS customers who use a Symantec SSL Certificate for their Web site to switch to DigiCert's SSL Certificate now IONOS works with DigiCert and no longer offers SSL Certificates from Symantec. This ensures that visitors to your website do not receive a warning message.

Switching to a DigiCert SSL Certificate does not change anything for you in terms of costs and contract duration.

IONOS will automatically convert all Symantec SSL Certificates managed by IONOS for you on September 13, 2018, but we recommend that you do so before this date. All users of an SSL certificate that is not managed by IONOS must generally switch manually.

Changing Your SSL Certificates

  • Log in to the IONOS.
  • For multiple contracts, select the contract that contains the SSL Certificate.
  • Click SSL Certificates on the left menu bar.
  • Mark the domain with SSL certificate with a check mark.
  • Select Reissue certificate from the Actions drop-down menu.
  • Follow the further process steps.
  • If you use multiple Symantec SSL Certificates, repeat steps 3 through 5 for each of these certificates.