Overview: Interactive Invoice

In the Costs > Interactive Invoice section of the Cloud Panel, the costs of the last few months are displayed graphically. You can also use this area to display the invoices for the last few months and the expected costs for the current month.

Please Note

Discounts and special offers are not included in the cost overview. The displayed time is given as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

To view the details of an invoice, choose the invoice you want.

The invoice details are listed in a table. The table has three levels. The first level lists the groups you are using.

Servers:  Displays the servers you have used in the period in question.

Project Servers: Shows the projects you have used servers for in the period.

Shared Storage: Displays the shared storage that you have used during the period.

Block Storage: Displays the block storages that you have used during the period.

Network Resources: Shows the network resources that you have used during that period.

Backup Accounts: Displays the backup accounts or the backup package.

The second level contains the following information:

Service:  Displays the type of contract you are using

Charges: Shows the monthly costs of the contract

Avg. Amount: Displays the average usage

From: Indicates the starting date of the period shown

To: Indicates the ending date of the period shown

Usage: Percentage to be paid on the basis of the monthly contract costs and the duration of use

Net: Net amount

The third level lists the exact usage amount of the services used. In addition, all adjustments to the services used are logged.

Please Note

The information appearing in level three is not listed on your invoices.

The subtotal and the amount to be paid are listed below the table. Two graphical evaluations are displayed below the amount to be paid. The graph on the left shows the costs per group. The graphic on the right shows a detailed evaluation of the costs that have been calculated for the selected group. To display this detailed evaluation, click on the desired group in the graphic on the left.

The billing is accurate to the minute on the basis of the monthly price and the usage amount. The billing period is converted to minutes so that the costs incurred within the billing period can be calculated. The monthly price is then divided by this value. The result is multiplied by the usage amount converted into minutes.


The use of one CPU costs $9.99 per month. The usage amount during the billing period 09/06/2019 - 10/06/2019 is 3 days, 15 hours and 24 minutes. The costs are calculated as follows: (9.99 / 43200 ) x 5244 = $1.21

Please Note

The indicated price can change at any time.

The billing period and the usage amounts are converted into seconds so that the specified consumption can be calculated as a percentage. The following formula is used to calculate the usage in percent:

If you change your server during the billing period, the weighted average of the service used is calculated.


  • The invoice period is 09/01/2019 - 09/07/2019.

  • You created a server with 1 GB RAM on 09/01/2019.

  • You increased the RAM to 3 GB RAM on 09/13/2019.

  • You increased the RAM to 6 GB RAM on 09/28/2019.

In the first step, the usage amount is converted into seconds:

RAM (GB) From To Seconds
1 09/01/2019 0:00:00 09/13/2019 0:00:00 1.036.800
3 09/13/2019 0:00:00 09/28/2019 0:00:00 1.296.000
6 09/28/2019 0:00:00 10/01/2019 0:00:00 345.600

The costs are calculated as follows: