Setting up Email on a Cloud Server With Plesk

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This article explains how to set up email services on a Cloud Server using Plesk.

Please note: For each Cloud Server with Plesk, applications such as email should always be installed and managed through the Plesk interface.


You have set up a Cloud Server with Plesk (any operating system).

Configure DNS

In order to receive email at your domain, you will need to ensure that the DNS is set up correctly.

Step 1

Log into the IONOS.

Step 2

Edit the DNS settings for your domain. To use different mail servers, you have to enter the provider's mail servers in the domain's MX records. These records determine which mail servers are responsible for receiving emails for this domain.

You can easily edit existing MX records for the desired (sub-)domain by clicking Edit Record under Actions.

If you have not yet added an MX record, click Add Record. and then click MX.

Step 3

In the Host name field, specify the desired host, for example, @ or a subdomain. In this case, the @ character is used as a placeholder and ensures that the domain is called with www and all subdomains.

Step 4

In the Point to field, enter the desired entry, for example

Step 5

In the Priority field, enter 10.

Please note: If you use several mail servers, you can use the priority to determine which mail server is preferred. The mail server with the smaller priority code is given priority. Then the mail server with the next higher priority is selected - for the same priority, a random decision is made.

Step 6

Optional: Select the desired TTL (Time-To-Live).

Please note: Your settings are immediately active by default.

Step 7

Click Save.

Your changes take effect immediately at IONOS. However, it can take up to 1 hour for the change to take effect everywhere due to the decentralized structure of the domain name system.

Enable email services

Step 1

Log in to Plesk as an administrator.

Step 2

Click on Mail in the left navigation bar and then on the Mail Settings tab.

Step 3

Select the desired domain and click Activate/Deactivate Services.

Step 4

In the Mail service drop-down menu, choose Enable.

Step 5

Click OK.

Add your email address

Step 1

In the Mail section, click the Email Addresses tab.

Step 2

Click Create Email Address.

Step 3

In the Email address field, enter the desired email address.

Step 4

Enter the desired password in the Password field and confirm it in the next field.

Please note: Alternatively, you can generate a secure password.

Step 5

Select the desired mailbox size in the Mailbox area.

By default, the Default Size (Unlimited) option is enabled. We recommend that you set a limit for each mailbox.

Step 6

To create the account, click OK.

Accessing the Login Data

To view the access data for the email inbox, select the desired email address in the Mail > Email Addresses area. Then click on . The Configure Email Client window opens. This window lists the information you need to manually set up an email client.

Check Webmail

To check webmail, activate the desired email address in the Mail > Email Addresses area. Then click on .