Set File Indexing Rules for Google Sitemaps

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We show you how to make settings on Google Sitemaps.

If you selected Custom when setting up your Google Sitemaps, you can choose which file types will be indexed and which files Google will not include.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and click on Domain Center in the Domains area.

Directly to the Domain Center

Step 2

If you want to set the rules for a subdomain, click Manage subdomain for the corresponding domain. Otherwise, use the arrow to unfold the settings of the domain.

step 3

Create Sitemap for Subdomain

Click the arrow and click Create/edit Sitemap.

Create sitemap for domain

Step 4

Click Filters next to the category you want to edit.

Click More Features and then click Create/edit Sitemap.

Step 5

Now you can determine more precisely which files are to be included in the index. You can restrict the selection not only by file extension, but also by creation date (before/after) and by name components. Confirm the changes with OK.

Step 6

You can also create an entry in the lock list to prevent certain files from being indexed. When finished, click OK again.