Cancelling an IONOS Contract

You can cancel your IONOS contracts right in your account with just a few clicks. We'll show you how below.

Requesting a Cancellation

To cancel a contract, simply follow these steps:

  • Log in to your IONOS account with this link to go right to the My Account section of your Control Panel.
  • Under Contracts and Subscriptions, click Display.
  • In the Name column, click on the contract you want to cancel.
  • Under Cancellation, click Show cancellation options.
  • In the Cancel this entire contract tile, click Next.
  • Select the reason for your cancellation and click Next.
  • Optional: Depending on the items included in your contract (domains or options), you may need to select specific cancellation details - such as cancellation date or cancellation type. Click Next.
  • The Important Notes page for your cancellation appears. To proceed with the cancellation, click Cancel Contract Now. The cancellation flag with your process number is displayed. The cancellation process is now complete.
Please Note

If your contract cancellation becomes effective and there are no other contracts under your Customer ID, you will no longer have access to your IONOS account.

If you are a personal customer (the account does not have a business name in its details), please take note of the fact that we can no longer send personal customer invoices as email attachments since 08/01/2022 for data protection reasons. Accordingly, please remember to download your IONOS invoices from your account before the cancellation takes effect, if necessary.

Cancellations Needing Confirmation

Your security is very important to us. For this reason, it is possible that under certain conditions your cancellation must be confirmed by telephone. You can enter your callback number directly in the cancellation dialog or contact IONOS Customer Service yourself.

Please note that your cancellation request must be confirmed within 14 days. Otherwise, the contractual relationship will continue.

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