Setting Up Microsoft Exchange 2013 with a New Email Address

For Microsoft Exchange 2013 as an additional feature or as a separate contract

This article explains how to set up Microsoft Exchange 2013 for first-time use.


Creating an Email Address

  • Log in to your IONOS account.

  • Click on the Email tile in the product selection.

  • If necessary, select the contract that includes Microsoft Exchange 2013.

  • Click Create in the Portfolio section under Microsoft Exchange 2013.

  • In the Mailbox type area, select whether you want to set up your own mailbox or an employee mailbox. By setting up your own mailbox, your display name will be taken from your IONOS account, whereas you can choose the display name for an employee mailbox.

  • In the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox area, select whether you want to set up a Microsoft Exchange mailbox with a new email address or an existing email address.

  • In the Email field, enter the desired email address. If necessary, select the desired domain name. If you are creating an employee mailbox, please also enter the first and last name of the employee.

  • Enter the desired password in the Password field.

  • Click OK.

The email address will now be created and will be ready to use in a few minutes.

Downloading Microsoft Outlook

Downloading During Setup

You can download Microsoft Outlook during the mailbox setup process. After you click OK, the download page opens. To download Microsoft Outlook, enable the following option on this page:

Yes, I want to download Microsoft Outlook® 2013 or Microsoft Outlook® 2011 for Mac, and then click Next. This will open the page Download Microsoft® Outlook® 2013 / Outlook® 2011 for Mac OS X On this page you can download the desired Microsoft Outlook version.

Downloading After Setup

To download Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2016 after it is set up in the Microsoft Exchange 2013 Administration Tool, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Microsoft Exchange Administration Tool with your Microsoft Exchange 2013 email address and password.

  • In the Outlook section, click Downloads & Configuration.

  • Download the version of Microsoft Outlook you want.

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