Setting Up Microsoft Exchange 2013 Using the Outlook Configurator

For Microsoft Exchange 2013 and Microsoft Outlook for Windows

Learn how to set up your Microsoft Exchange account in Outlook. The Outlook Configurator saves you the trouble of time-consuming manual configuration.


  • An active Microsoft Exchange account.
  • Outlook 2007 SP 3 with cumulative update from November 2012
  • or: Outlook 2010 SP1 with cumulative update from November 2012
  • or: Outlook 2013

We will show you which Microsoft Outlook version is suitable for your Windows PC and where you can download it in the compatibility overview for Microsoft Exchange 2013.

Guided Steps

  • Log in to the Microsoft Exchange 2013 Administration Tool.
  • In the Outlook Configuration  box, click Downloads & Configuration.
  • Click Download Outlook Configurator.
  • Save the OutlookConfigurator.exe file. Then double-click to open the Configurator file.
  • Enter the email address that you have linked to your Microsoft Exchange account. Select Automatic configuration (recommended) and click Continue.
  • Confirm the success message with OK.
  • Outlook now starts automatically. The Windows Security window appears. Enter your complete Microsoft Exchange email address in the first field. In the second field, enter the password that you assigned when setting up the Microsoft Exchange account. Then click on OK.
  • The connection window from the previous step appears again. Enter the Microsoft Exchange password you have assigned and confirm with OK.
  • Use the profile name to select the profile that was created by the Outlook Configurator. This is usually already preset. Confirm the profile selection with OK.
  • Outlook now synchronizes the data of your Microsoft Exchange account for the first time. Depending on how many e-mails, calendars and contacts are stored in your account, this can take several minutes. Even after the Outlook interface has been started, the software continues to reload data in the background. Full synchronization can take several hours.

You are now seeing the Outlook user interface for the first time. If you have successfully connected to the Exchange server, this is indicated in the lower area on the right-hand side with the note Connected to: MICROSOFT EXCHANGE.