Enabling Private Registration for an IONOS Domain

A private registration helps you prevent unwanted promotional emails and calls. Your personal data is replaced by anonymous company data from IONOS in the publicly accessible WHOIS database. Private registration is free for all new top-level domains as well as for the extensions .net, .name, .mobi, .org, .com, .biz, .info, .in, .me, .sc, .tv, .vc and .ws, but not, for example, for .de domains.

Use the following button to activate private registration. You will see the option right after selecting a domain.

Log In and Enable Private RegistrationEnable Private Registration

Private registration is already active for the currently selected domain.

Private Registration is available but not yet activated for the currently selected domain.

Information About the Publication of Domain Contact Details

Anyone registering a domain must include their personal details such as their name, address, email address and telephone number as domain contact details in the WHOIS database. The WHOIS database is publicly accessible and can be viewed by anyone. It is intended to provide a way for third parties to contact the domain owner, for instance, if they wish to purchase the domain from the current owner.

Domain Contact Details

However, this data can also be misused for spam mails or unwanted advertising calls.

Preventing the Publication of Personal Details

IONOS gives you the option to prevent this data from being published. If you enable private registration, IONOS does not automatically forward your customer details to the WHOIS database. Instead, we replace your details with our general company details. This service is available only for certain top-level domains.

Published Domain Contact Details

Private Registration is not available for the currently selected domain.

If you activate private registration, we will forward all inquiries relating to your IONOS domain to you, and you can decide for yourself if you wish to respond to these inquiries.

Please Note: IONOS may revoke a domain's private registration if there is evidence that it is being used in violation of our Terms & Conditions. If this is the case, the domain owner's contact details will be reported to the WHOIS database.