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Enterprise Cloud

Features and Prices

Only pay for what you use

The cloud features for your requirements

Our prices

1 Core

Choose between AMD & Intel® Core™

from$0.0240per hour
$0.0071per hour
1 GB Storage

Choose between HDD & SSD

from$0.0533per 30 days
1 GB Traffic

Free incoming & internal traffic

Complete cost control and transparency
Pay only for what you use with precise per-minute billing
No fixed contract periods

Professional cloud consulting from experts

Are you interested in migrating all your IT or individual projects to the cloud? Our experts will gladly give you helpful, individual, and free advice.

Cloud infrastructure is cheaper than on-site solutions

Our experts can show you how to cut your IT costs by as much as 20% with the Enterprise Cloud. We will calculate your individual total cost of ownership compared to on-premises operation.

The right setup for your requirements

We help you determine what kind of IT infrastructure you need. In close collaboration with you, we identify the optimal solution for your cloud architecture.

Prices for the individual cloud components

1 Core
AMDper hour$0.024
Intel®per hour$0.05
Intel® Skylakeper hour$0.06
1 GB Storage
HDDper 30 days$0.0533
SSD Standardper 30 days$0.15
SSD Premiumper 30 days$0.32
Snapshotper 30 days$0.0533
Backupper 30 days$0.082
per hour$0.0071
1 GB Traffic
Reserved IP address
per 30 days$6
AMD and Intel® Cores are available in the following data centers: New Jersey, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, and Karlsruhe.Intel® Skylake is available in the following data centers: Berlin and London.1 TB (terabyte) is equivalent to 1,024 GB (gigabytes)All prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties.At IONOS, the term internal traffic means data traffic that is shared exclusively between data centers in the same region.

Microsoft licences for the Enterprise Cloud

Microsoft Windows OS
AMD-Core (2008, 2012, 2016, 2019)per hour$0.039
Intel® Core™ (2008, 2012, 2016, 2019)per hour$0.039

Free services

24/7 telephone and email support
Internal traffic
Storage-IOPS (input/output operations per second)
Per-minute billing
No fixed contract periods
All prices for the Enterprise Cloud and S3 Object Storage are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax.

We advise you on your infrastructure.

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