Website value

Website value: How much is my website worth?

How much is my website worth? If you’re considering selling your website, blog, or store it’s important to assess how much your website is actually worth. Profits and visitor numbers are among some of the criteria that designate a website’s value. But there are other important criteria to look out for. Find out how much your website is worth using online tools.

Writing content for websites

Writing content for websites: 9 tips for more effective website copy

“Nobody reads online content.” So goes the claim and there’s some truth to it. But web texts that are well-written and relevant to your readers tend to find an audience and are favored by search engines. But how do you write good content for the web and what do you need to consider when looking for topics and structure? Read on to find out more top tips on how to write effective website content.

Membership site

How to create a membership site, i.e. a password-protected website

It is not uncommon for websites to have a members’ area that contains exclusive content for registered members only in order to attract customers and foster loyalty long-term. Learn how to make a private website that requires a password, how to convert users, and what else you should consider when creating a membership site.

Website under construction

Website under construction: how to create a coming soon page

“Website under construction” is a standard phrase visitors encounter when a new site is under construction or an existing site is being modified. A good website coming soon page however tends to look a little different. Find out how you can entice visitors to come back once your site is ready for re/launch.

Create FAQ page

Create FAQ page: Tips and tricks

How do I know whether this size will fit? How can I return an item? And what payment options are available? Customers will always have similar questions when it comes to online purchases. It’s a good idea for companies to answer these common questions on their FAQ page. Find out here how to create an FAQ page, which questions are good questions, and how to identify them.

netstat commands

netstat commands for Windows, Linux, and Mac at a glance

You can use the netstat network tool in Windows as well as in macOS and Linux via the respective command line program. Depending on the system you are working with, you only need the appropriate netstat commands to check the status of active and inactive connections. We have summarized all important netstat commands for common operating systems.

Outlook: attachment size limit

Outlook: maximum attachment size limit explained

By default, the maximum file size in Outlook is 20 MB. However, if you use a mail server with an allowed file size of 25 MB and send emails via Outlook, you may need to extend the maximum size limit of an email in Outlook. We explain what to look for in Outlook’s limits on attachment size and how to configure the maximum size.

Telnet – the system-wide remote protocol

What is telnet?

Remote access to remote computer systems has always been a part of well-organized networks. Administrators can manage individual users as well as work on the move since a remote connection enables access to company data. One of the first protocols developed specifically for this purpose was Telnet.



Blockchains are a rather hot topic right now. Though the term is far less common than Bitcoin itself, its significance in today’s world far exceeds that of the latter. After all, cryptocurrencies are run entirely on blockchain technology, which combines peer-to-peer networks with cryptographic methods and various assumptions of game theory. The result: reliable infrastructures tailored for...

Clear DNS cache

Clear DNS cache: how to empty the DNS resolver cache

Operating systems tend to collect various information on user surfing behavior on the World Wide Web in a so-called DNS cache. First and foremost, this cache gives a good overview of your web history. However, the stored entries can also cause connection problems. We will show you how to clear the DNS cache (as a user of Windows, Mac, or Linux).

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