WhatsApp without saving number

How to use WhatsApp without saving a contact number

To send a message through WhatsApp without saving a contact’s number first, you generally have three options: you can use the web browser, you can use another app, or you can do it via the Android’s text selection menu. We’ll show you how each option works and explain how to send messages on WhatsApp without saving a number.

WhatsApp status video download

WhatsApp status video download in a few steps

Status videos on WhatsApp are often funny or interesting which means you may wish to save them to view again later. There are different ways for saving status videos depending on the operating system of your device: the file manager, a special Status Saver app, or the screen capture option. Read on to find out how you can download WhatsApp status videos on Android or iOS.

Save WhatsApp photos

Save WhatsApp photos: which settings are important?

The instant messenger WhatsApp allows you to share more than text. Users can also send pictures or videos. Saving WhatsApp pictures is easy. Your images can be saved automatically, or you can save them yourself manually. We’ll show you step-by-step how Android or iPhone users can save WhatsApp photos directly to their smartphone in no time.

Satisfactory dedicated server

Satisfactory Dedicated Server: Hosting and Setup

Players from all over the world are having lots of fun with the factory-building game, Satisfactory, in the early access phase. If you don’t want to play the game alone, you can also join in the adventure with friends and acquaintances on a specially hosted Satisfactory server, for example. What are the requirements for this? And how do you create a Satisfactory dedicated server?

TeamSpeak server

How to create a TeamSpeak server

The choice of tools for voice communication on the Internet or in the local network is more diverse than ever before. However, TeamSpeak, which scores points for its excellent sound quality and high security standards, is still around. We’ll tell you about the requirements of a TeamSpeak server and how to host, install and deploy your own TeamSpeak server online.

Node.js for a Website With Apache on Ubuntu

How to deploy Node.js application with Apache on Ubuntu 16.04

Applications you create with Node.js can be run any time from the command line. Another option is to deploy your scripts as a service, so that they automatically restart when errors occur, for example. Our article explains everything you need to know so read on to find out how to implement a Node.js app using Apache on Ubuntu 16.04.

Fix Server error in application

How to fix the “Server error in '/' application” error

When loading websites various errors can happen. One such error is “Server error in '/' application”. The server-side error prevents the website from loading. In this article you will learn what the application error is and how to fix the “Server error in '/' application” so that the website can load. Read on for more.

ASCII table

ASCII table with PDF download

ASCII character encoding is extensive and used across various fields for computers to draw on the binary system to represent various characters correctly. To find out which binary representation relates to which character, consult the ASCII chart. Read on to learn what you need to know about the ASCII table and how to convert numbers to ASCII characters by hand.

Install MySQL-MariaDB

Install and Use MySQL/MariaDB

MySQL/MariaDB is one of the most popular relational databases. Under Linux, it is easy to install and manage via the terminal. Find out how to install Mysql with this article’s step by step instructions. We will also show you the basic commands so that you can create your first custom database. What are you waiting for?

Solve MySQL/MariaDB "Too many connections" error

Fix a MySQL/MariaDB “Too many connections” error

Learn how to solve the MySQL/MariaDB “Too many connections” error, which occurs when all available MySQL/MariaDB connections are in use. This error may occur in a script which connects to MySQL/MariaDB, or on a webpage which is generated (in whole or in part) from elements provided by a MySQL/MariaDB database. Read on for more.

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