The best WhatsApp alternatives
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Invitations to dinner parties; updates about work; an excursion with the college soccer team: if you’re not using WhatsApp, you run the risk of missing out on important information. But it does have its disadvantages too: the main one being that WhatsApp shares user data with its parent company, Facebook, which is making users want to switch to other messaging apps. So what good WhatsApp...

Social bots
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Sensational election results and influencing public opinion – these are both associated with social bots. They are known as being digital opinion leaders that represent extreme political positions on social networks or to simply start disagreements. This technology influences what we think and feel. But what is the real danger of social bots? How influential are they, and how can you protect...

Facebook account hacked
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Increasing cybercrime is making itself felt on social networks. Social media sites such as Facebook are integrated into everyday private and professional life and offer an ideal target for attack due to the large amount of personal data. Here’s what to do if your Facebook account has been hacked and your password was changed.

WordPress social media plugins
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If you have a good product line or high-quality posts on your website, you’ll probably want to spread them far and wide on social media. Luckily there are numerous WordPress social media plugins that help you do exactly this. Keep reading our article to find out which features these plugins have and which ones are the best.

How to delete a comment on Facebook
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Generally, it is possible to delete your or other people’s comments on Facebook if they contain a superfluous character or violate the user guidelines of the social network. In this article we explain how to delete comments on Facebook, what you need to keep in mind, and when it is better to simply leave a comment as it is.

Hiding comments on Facebook
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A heated interaction with friends or customers is actually what social media lives on. However, it’s important that comments don’t get offensive or bad for your business. If the tone of a discussion on your page is getting inappropriate, you can hide individual Facebook comments. Keep reading to find out how to do this.

The best Facebook alternatives
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We once used phone calls and text messages to carry out all our communication, now our private conversations are largely digitalized and carried out almost entirely online. That is why we must pay more attention to our data protection and privacy settings. Facebook, the kingpin of social media, has been constantly criticized in this regard – so we’ve compiled a list of alternatives to Facebook for...

Facebook cover photos
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In today’s world, your Facebook page is your business card. Whether your online visitors are friends or business contacts, to make a good impression, you need a good cover photo. But what kind of picture should you use? What size should it be? If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry – our top tips will make sure you don’t mess up.

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Abstruse theories about epidemics and politicians or personal insults against individuals: online things can quickly turn hurtful. Some users deliberately engage in what is known as trolling. Read on to find out what the goals of online bullies are, how you can recognize a genuine troll, and how to deal with hate speech correctly.

Texting abbreviations
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Chat slang has gained momentum since the dawn of the internet. Texting abbreviations and acronyms allow users to keep communication fast-paced and easy. But for anyone who isn’t familiar with text message abbreviations, reading a message from a friend or family member can become a long exercise in decoding. What is the history of internet abbreviations and which acronyms should you learn? Keep...