Function as a Service (FaaS)

Function as a Service: a good option for fast development

Cloud computing services are on the rise. This gives developers the opportunity to concentrate entirely on programming application packages. Provisioning by FaaS providers accelerates development and eliminates the need to manage server infrastructures. Automatic scaling and more efficient cost structures make FaaS a solid alternative to classic programming.

IaaS PaaS SaaS comparison

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – a comparison of cloud computing services

When programming web applications, there are various solutions that support developers with server configuration and data management. Depending on the service model, administrative efforts can be almost completely eliminated, so that development becomes the focus. With SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, developers get services that scale easily and feature pay-as-you-use pricing models.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database: what it is and how it works

For enterprise IT, the database software Oracle Database is one of the market leaders. The relational database management system supports companies by storing, processing, and evaluating data in a clear and tabular way. Find out here how Oracle Database works. We also reveal the software’s advantages and disadvantages.

B2C - Business-to-consumer

B2C: Business-to-consumer

“B2C“ stands for “Business-to-Consumer” and refers to business relationships between companies and consumers. For example, when customers place an order in an online store, they enter into a business relationship with the respective company. The company enters into a communication relationship with their customers by sending an order confirmation, a newsletter, or recommendations for further...

Dark Web

What is the dark web?

The dark web is the dark side of the Internet – a digital sphere without rules or laws. But what’s behind this space where criminal activity runs rampant? How does access to the dark web work and what are the dangers?

Excel Pivot Tables

Pivot tables: using Excel to its fullest

Excel pivot tables can considerably ease the evaluation of data. Data analysis can be especially time-consuming and tedious with complex numerical series, but with Excel pivot, this doesn’t have to be the case. Simply place your data in the right context and filter the essential information in just a few clicks. The pivot table allows you to create expressive diagrams in no time. Find out all you...

Intelligent edge

What is intelligent edge?

When data has to be processed in real-time, high latency or connection issues can cause big problems. With intelligent edge, the analysis and evaluation of data takes place where it is collected. This saves time and increases security. Here, we will explain exactly what intelligent edge is, how it works and what it can do for you.

Ray tracing

What is ray tracing? The graphics technique explained!

Computer games are becoming increasingly more realistic. One reason behind this is the use of ray tracing technology in real-time. Ray tracing in precalculated form has been used for years in animated films and computer games. However, graphic cards such as Nvidia’s GeForce RTS now use real-time ray tracing to create realistic reflections and shadows. In this article, we explain exactly what it is...

Backend as a Service (BaaS)

Develop a custom backend with Backend as a Service

Developing a web application costs time and money. Usually, the initial steps involve implementing the backend and its required functionalities. Development teams looking to set up and customize a functional backend quickly and without prior training can use a Backend as a Service. Find out more about how to get started with BaaS.

Working as a team

Working as a team: How teamwork leads to success

A good team consists of more than a handful of employees: openness, exchange and the right framework conditions are just some of the decisive factors for successful working in a team. Once a team is established, it’s not just the individual staff that benefit, but the company as a whole. Find out what characterizes good teamwork and how to work in a team for maximum success.

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