What is the metaverse?

The metaverse doesn’t actually exist yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything new. The idea of a virtual space that overlaps with the physical world has been around for decades. Originally the focus of science fiction writers, the metaverse is becoming increasingly relevant to our world. Soon, users will be able to move freely between virtual reality, cyber space, and the physical world. But what...

How to search a PDF

How to search a PDF: A step-by-step guide

PDFs are some of the most frequently used documents. They likely appear in all areas of your life - in your private life, at school, or at work. To make it easier to work with PDF texts, PDF readers and browsers offer a search feature, but how does it work? Keep reading our dedicated article to find out how to search a PDF.

Private Cloud

What is a private cloud? More control and security for your business

Should data and processes be handled in a private or public cloud? If a company wants to use cloud computing, they first need to choose one of the many providers available. Using the personalized services offered by a private cloud, companies can address a wide range of business related and operational challenges. Separating operations also makes a private cloud more secure than a public cloud.

What is Docker?

Docker – the revolutionary container technology

The Docker virtualization solution has transformed application development. In some cases, standardized containers are used to create gigantic clusters of loosely coupled microservices. They run as distributed swarms across system and infrastructure boundaries. Special tools and workflows are used to deal with the resulting complexity.

What is OpenShift?

What is OpenShift?

You are certainly familiar with the Kubernetes software. The open source container and cluster manager has established itself as a standard. However, if you want to build your own cluster infrastructure, it makes sense to turn to a more powerful tool that is also easier to use. This is where Red Hat’s OpenShift shows its strength. We explain what makes the software so popular.

OpenShift vs. Kubernetes

Big comparison: OpenShift vs. Kubernetes

Do you want to work with leading-edge container technology, but don’t know which orchestration tool to use? Ease of use versus flexibility, PaaS versus open source, OpenShift versus Kubernetes: both orchestration tools have their advantages. But which is the best fit for your project? We compare Kubernetes with OpenShift to help you make a better decision.

What is a blog?

What is a blog?

We all know what they look like. Maybe you regularly read blogs on fashion, books, or cooking yourself. But what is a blog? And is it any different to a website? If you’re new to the world of blogging, fear not. This article contains everything you need to know – the types of blogs that exist, how a blog works, and how you can start a successful blog yourself.

Grid computing

What is grid computing?

More is more – this also applies to grid computing. This technology refers to a network of loosely connected computers that act as a virtual supercomputer. Grid computing networks provide more computing power and resources thanks to an interconnected computer cluster. Find out how grid computing works and how it differs from cloud computing.

What is ITIL?

What is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, ITIL for short, is the most important approach for successful and efficient IT service management. The guideline provides important input across the entire service lifecycle as well as best practices that can serve as a guide for companies and IT managers in their daily work. We reveal what ITIL actually entails.

What is a software house?

What is a software house?

A complete IT infrastructure costs time and money and requires competent expert knowledge. In order to save costs and benefit from the experience of real IT specialists, many companies use the services of a software house. A software house is an IT service provider that offers complete IT solutions tailored to companies in addition to software and hardware. We explain how a software house works.

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