Alt Gr key

Alt Gr key: how to access hidden keyboard functions

Most of the keys on a computer keyboard have several functions. For example, some common symbols such as the $ or the @ sign are hidden behind other keys. The most convenient way to access these is to press the Alt Gr button, which can be substituted by the Alt and Ctrl keys on US keyboards. Learn about the most important shortcuts and how to access the special characters using the Alt Gr key.

Function keys (F keys)

Function keys (F keys): an overview of common functions of the F1 to F12 keys

Many computer users tend to ignore the function keys (also referred to as F keys). However, they provide useful functions that could save you a lot of time. When combined with other keys, function keys can access a number of helpful commands. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the full range of functions for the F1 to F12 keys to suit your needs.

Alt key

Alt key: basics and important key combinations

On its own, the Alt key has no assigned function. In combination with other keys, however, it allows quick access to commands in Windows and its programs. By using these key combinations, you can save time and work more efficiently. We’ve summarized the most important shortcuts and key combinations for using the Alt key.

Tab key

The tab key: the most important features

The tab key was an established part of the keyboard back in the day of typewriters – and it still exists today on modern computer keyboards. Although its functions have been significantly expanded in the meantime to simplify everyday work, the tab key is still widely underused. Here, we will tell you about the multi-functional uses of the tab key in programs, internet browsers, and Windows.

What is an ISO file?

What is an ISO file? Definition and functions

An ISO file lets you create executable copies of operating systems, services, files, or games. Data burned to or retrieved via CD, DVD, or Blu-ray, can be created using an ISO file for a more space-efficient archiving solution. Find out what exactly an ISO file is and how you can create one by reading our article on the subject.


Personas: How to get closer to your customer

Every company wants to work close to the customer, to focus on the user. However, many companies only use averages and statistics as a basis. This is not how to reach the individual buyer. Personas are different. They are based on real people and reflect the heterogeneity of the target group. What do you have to pay attention to?

Multicast DNS

Multicast DNS: alternative name resolution on a small scale

The setup of different devices in a home or small business network can be time-consuming. All network participants must be able to communicate with one another, and, for this reason, be aware of each other. Multicast DNS (mDNS) attempts to minimize this effort. With mDNS, devices can locate one another automatically. How does this work?

Single Page Application

Single Page Applications – Definition, functionality, and benefits

We all use a plethora of dynamic websites every day. In many cases, these are down to so-called single page applications, in which only a single HTML document is used. This article shows you exactly how single page applications work, when it makes sense to use them, and which frameworks can be used to program them. Read on for more.

Headless CMS vs. traditional CMS

Headless CMS vs. Traditional CMS

Content management systems have dominated the Internet for several years. The ability to publish new content quickly and easily has become an indispensable part of today’s web. But classic CMSs have difficulty coping with developments such as mobile apps, wearables, and the IoT. That’s why new systems are coming onto the market. But what suits you better: Headless CMS or traditional CMS?

Webinars: Advantages, features, and possible uses

Webinar: definition, basics, and possible uses

The internet and World Wide Web have brought humanity closer together – it has never been easier to share information, experiences, and memories than it is today. More and more often, the web also serves as a platform for further education. So-called webinars - i.e. online seminars – are replacing classic face-to-face lectures. Companies and teachers now communicate knowledge online instead of in...

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