How much does it cost to start and set up an online store?
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For many brands and sellers, an online store is essential. If you’re thinking about setting up your own e-commerce website, one of your first questions will no doubt be: how much does an online store cost? The trouble is, it depends. Prices range from a few thousand dollars to well over $50,000! First, you need to know what systems and services you need. Sound complicated? Don’t worry – we’re here...

WooCommerce alternatives
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The demands that different-sized stores place on a good e-commerce software vary greatly. As such, in addition to the popular software WooCommerce, there may be other alternatives that are better suited to individual stores. In this article you will find out what alternatives there are to WooCommerce, what makes them stand out, and to which stores the individual options are best suited.

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If you’ve just bought a product and it turns out to be defective, warranty will kick into effect. This means that retailers and/or manufacturers are responsible for the products they sell, and consumers can enjoy a certain level of protection. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about warranties, whether you’re a consumer or a business owner.

The best PayPal alternatives
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Americans love shopping online because it’s so convenient. Until recently, online payment systems were heavily dominated by one industry heavyweight: PayPal. But not everyone is enthused by this payment method, having been criticized for both security as well as data protection issues. Fortunately, there are plenty of PayPal alternatives out there. We’ll introduce a few here.

Digital marketing trends
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From video content to social media to artificial intelligence, today's online marketing aims to engage users through multi-faceted content. That's why companies strive to stay up to date and embrace new ideas. Find out which online marketing trends you can expect and should take into account in 2022.

Customer loyalty programs
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No matter the size of your business, a good customer retention strategy will significantly contribute to your success. There are various strategies and programs that you can adopt to create close connections between your company and customers. Keep reading to find out about the various types of customer loyalty programs, including examples.

Return policy
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Buying products online, trying them on at home, and sending them back if they don’t fit: Customers love making use of return policies. However, what exactly your return policy looks like is entirely up to you. Keep reading to find out what a return policy is, what you should include in yours, and what other companies put in theirs.

Sell photos online
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Take high-quality pictures, upload them online and earn money with them - sounds simple, right? The reality is not as straightforward, but the Internet allows professionals and amateurs alike to sell photos online. Two well-known methods are having your own website or using stock photo platforms. In this article, you’ll learn how to sell your photos online and what to consider.

Reasons to get your own email domain
  • Technical matters

A personal e-mail domain is a must in the commercial sphere. Conveying a professional image in your contact details will ensure that customers and businesses take you seriously. Find out about the advantages of having an individual mail domain and learn how to secure a personal e-mail address in just a few steps.

Gender marketing: definition and implementation
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What makes men and women tick? As we know, it’s not always the same thing. Advertisers have long been aware of the fact that gender marketing has become a central aspect of the image of many businesses but how does it work in practice? In this guide, we demonstrate how entrepreneurs and advertisers can benefit from using gender-based marketing in your promotion strategy.