XLSB: just what is an XLSB file in Excel?

The spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel handles a lot of different file formats. Excel spreadsheets can be saved not only as the usual XLSX format but also as XLSB files. But what actually are XLSB files and what are they used for? This article will give you all the information you need about the XLSB file extension and how to use it.

Dropshipping providers

The best dropshipping providers

If you want to launch a dropshipping business, you have to start looking for a manufacturer or wholesaler who will work as your so-called dropshipping provider. There are both national and international providers you can partner with as your dropshipping supplier and link them to your online store via a plugin.

Working as a team

Working as a team: How teamwork leads to success

A good team consists of more than a handful of employees: openness, exchange and the right framework conditions are just some of the decisive factors for successful working in a team. Once a team is established, it’s not just the individual staff that benefit, but the company as a whole. Find out what characterizes good teamwork and how to work in a team for maximum success.

Connect a computer to a TV

Connecting a computer to a TV: A few things to observe

Regardless of whether it is an online video on a flat screen, a large-format presentation, or pictures from a cell phone on an HD TV; with a connection between a PC and television, content can easily be viewed on a larger screen. Our step-by-step instructions explain how to connect a PC to a TV, whether you will need a cable or Bluetooth, and which technical requirements must be met.

Nonprofit marketing: Success with social marketing

Nonprofit marketing: marketing for a good cause

Nonprofit organizations use advertising to successfully market their products. In contrast to profit organizations, however, they are not interested in big money, but in the successful outcome of their social project. Advertising for a good cause – that’s nonprofit marketing. However, there is still competition in this market. Here we explain what nonprofit marketing is, and how to make your own...

Import Excel to Google Sheets

Import Excel document into Google Sheets: a tutorial

Want to import Excel spreadsheets into Google Sheets or open CSV in Google Docs? It takes just five steps to edit, convert, and save Excel spreadsheets in Google Drive directly in your web browser – without Microsoft 365. All you need is a personal Google account and an active Internet connection.

Inserting pictures in Excel cells

Inserting pictures in Excel cells

Pictures in Excel can help to make tables clearer. However, if a picture is not aligned and pinned to its cell, it can shift when changes are made to the table. This can cause chaos in your documents. In this guide, you will find out how to insert a picture in an Excel cell and other ways to deal with pictures in Excel.

XMATCH in Excel

XMATCH in Excel explained through examples

If you want to search through a range or a specific array of cells for data in Excel, the XMATCH function can come in handy. The Excel XMATCH function lets you find specific data responses from ranges of cells and gives you the result’s relative position. We will use examples to show you how XMATCH works and how it differs from MATCH.



Blockchains are a rather hot topic right now. Though the term is far less common than Bitcoin itself, its significance in today’s world far exceeds that of the latter. After all, cryptocurrencies are run entirely on blockchain technology, which combines peer-to-peer networks with cryptographic methods and various assumptions of game theory. The result: reliable infrastructures tailored for...

LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice

LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice: Which free office suite is best?

Are you looking for a comprehensive and at the same time free office solution for word processing, to design presentations or to create spreadsheets? Then LibreOffice or OpenOffice are real alternatives to the top dog from Microsoft. But which office suite is suitable for your needs? We compare the two application packages and present the most important features.

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