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Kubernetes as a Service

Easy deployment of resilient and scalable Kubernetes clusters.
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Manage container workloads the easy way

Run your applications at scale with the powerful and resilient orchestration of Kubernetes clusters.
Build container-based infrastructure that grows with your business and is scalable to your needs.

Easy orchestration

Our intuitive interface takes away the hassle and complexity of deploying Kubernetes clusters, but still gives you total control over your container workloads.

Horizontal scaling

Horizontally scale your cluster in just a few clicks by adding more master and worker nodes. You can also configure automatic scaling for your Kubernetes cluster.

Powerful infrastructure

The 1&1 IONOS cloud platform is built with the latest storage and processor technology to maximize performance and resiliency.

Build your customized Kubernetes cluster

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Complete freedom over your configuration. Put together a custom cluster with any number of nodes (at least one master and two workers). Scale your resources at any time to meet changing demand.

vCore CPURAMSSDMonthly price
Node M1 2 GB50 GB$25
Node L2 2 GB80 GB$30
Node XL2 4 GB120 GB$40
Node XXL4 8 GB160 GB $80
Node 3XL8 16 GB240 GB$170
Node 4XL1232 GB360 GB$280

Autoscaling technology

Your Kubernetes cluster can be configured to automatically scale and reassign workloads during periods of heavy traffic.
Add more master or worker nodes for horizontal scaling, or scale vertically by replacing existing nodes with bigger, more powerful ones.

Simple integration of cloud native solutions

Whether at the very beginning or when you're already up and running, Kubernetes as a Service offers easy installation of the latest microservice applications and cloud native solutions— meaning you can build better web projects faster.
PaaS: Kubeless, Helm
Proxy: HAProxy
Service: Istio, Linkerd
Monitoring: Prometheus, Elastic Fluentd Kibana, Netsil, Sysdig
CI/CD: Fabric8, Gitlab

Resilient and secure

Automatic failover

When one node goes down, the workload is automatically allocated to another node so your projects stay online and remain available.

Extensive security

Your servers are protected by the latest SIEM and IDS/IPS technologies as well as our central firewall. An additional firewall from the cloud panel can also be set up.

Secure data centers

The 1&1 IONOS data centers meet the highest safety and security standards, as confirmed by our ISO 27001 certification.

Ideal uses for Kubernetes clusters

Running a microservice-based business backend

Handling fluctuating workloads and traffic

Deploying cloud-native applications

Infrastructure that grows with your business

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